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Normal Moodo


Electro Rock duo founded in Seattle in 1998 by Colombians Luis F. Diago and Felipe Valencia C. 


Their first musical experimentations were held directly inside the recording studios of the now extinct Art Institute of Seattle. The project started as that, a studio project, and up to this day it remains very much that way for the most part. This process of experimentation inside the studio, along with their academic training in music production, provided the duo with solid foundations to generate a powerful and defined approach from the very beginning, effortlessly blending electronic programming with guitars, male and female vocals.


Eros RisingNormal Moodo
00:00 / 04:08
The CallNormal Moodo
00:00 / 03:15
JoyNormal Moodo
00:00 / 05:01
The Kissers From AlexandriaNormal Moodo
00:00 / 03:22
The Rivers of SiriusNormal Moodo
00:00 / 05:22

Their self-titled debut album, Normal&Moodo, saw the light in 2005 when Mexican label Noiselab released the work. This first album has the successful and timely collaboration of Karen Ruiz doing vocals on some of the album’s strongest cuts, such as Red Little Shoes and Bumping Headz. Other outstanding singles from this debut album are the opener It´s Just Good Frequencies Baby and the pop-tinted ballad Nugusto.


This first album was supported in a live format with a sold-out show in the mythical Centro Cultural España in Mexico City and in selected underground clubs in Bogotá such as La Sala and Mai Lirol Darlin. Their live sets, intermittent and unusual,  highlight the duo’s dance floor clever facet.


In 2012 they released their follow up album independently. The album is titled Atlag (All The Leaves Are Gone). In their second studio delivery, the duo energizes the recipe once again with female collaborations from Karen Ruiz, multidisciplinary artist diDiok and Colombian singer Naty Botero.

This second release seems to be aimed at a more critical listening niche and less to their dance floor audience, with deep sonic scapes, lyrics and song structures reminiscent of their rock roots.


Now in 2020, the duo launches six singles simultaneously, all with a very different sound amongst them but somehow leading the listener to the recognizable dimension of their well consolidated musical world.

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